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Class of 1956
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*  If anything here is incorrect or you do not want to be on this list,
please let me know. Thanking you;   j mercer '66    

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*  Class epresentative

 Betty  Whitehurst/Tipton
 Bev  Smith/Schroedeer
 Bill Grimes
 Bill  Rumble
 Charlie  Andrews
 Frank  Kirby
* Glenda Fuller/Drake 
 Herbert  Kieswetter
 Jerry  Hunsicker
 John  Enroth
 John  Piety
 Kay  Ervin
 Marilyn Whaley/Alefsen
 Leroy (Mac) McLaughlin
 Nancy  Reed/DeCou
 Neil  Godfrey
 Pattie Kenton
 Paul Middlebrook
 Philip  Laughlin
 Robert  Rumph
 Ronald  Miller 
 Walt (Curly) Hunt
 Warren  Gehrett

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