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1)- the Band:  My very first band, shot just outside my home (left) at #9 Nower Hill, Pinner, Middlesex.  l to r: Edward Langston Smith III (Smitty the Roady), Dave Ludeman (guitar), Pete Junker (Manager?); Jack Fisher (Me, guitar), Earlene Ham (beautiful), and Bob Desloge (drummer) 1961. 2)- Band Wall:  Smitty, Peter Junker, Bob Desloge, David Ludeman, Jack Fisher 1961. 3)- Peter Junker and Bob Desloge.  Pete was the only child of Hungarian refugees living in London.  Pete worked at South Ruislip and became one of my very best friends.  I've lost contact and never been able to find him since, to my great sorrow.
4)- Band Van -- Our band, again. L to R: Smitty, Me (jack Fisher), Pete Junker, Bob Desloge, The Beautiful Earlene Ham, and Dave Ludeman. 5)- Lamp Post: The band was searching for for anything -- a gig, a record deal, free lunch, a round of beers, whatever! 6)- Backo'the bus: Barb (I think she was a Sophomore) with Jerry Bijold, me (jack Fisher) and Pat Briery with her back to the camera. Just an ordinary school day!
7)- On The Bus: Bob Desloge and Earlene Ham, with Patty Jones peeking over the seat. 8)- Geek is me with camera in hand, as usual, at South Ruislip. 9)- Patty Jones, who everyone in the band had a crush on.

10)- Pat Briery, high-school sweetheart.  Her Father was a USAF Colonel commanding the Office Of Special Investigations at South Ruislip, in which my father (USAF Major Henry J. Fisher, deceased) was a special agent. 11)- After the Dance: Bob Desloge and Earlene Ham 12)- '53 Armstrong Siddley: This is Peter Junker's Car.  His father was an engineer and they were (relatively) well off which is why Peter owned the car, and I spent a lot of time with his family.

13)- Jerry Bijold: Mr. Suave (actually a very funny guy) who went on to a career in the USAF, retiring as a Colonel and now living the Las Vega area. 14)- Our Gang at yet another dance: Pete Junker, Bob Desloge, Jack Fisher (backwards, as usual), Jerry Bijold. 15)- Wake UP!: Bob Desloge ('61) and George Birdsong ('62) the morning after the night before.
16)- Barbara Alford: She was a Junior when I was a Senior ('61). I always considered her a close "buddy." She and Jerry Bijold were "an item."

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