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Bobcat Bulletin
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:23 PM

Let's start with an update from Jerry Donahue, it'll bring back some musical memories:


Dear Ron and Anna,

How have you been? It's been a little awhile, huh? The world is certainly a different place now.

I just got back to Hamburg after spending the best part of the autumn in the north of England. I've been producing a new CD for "The Animals", featuring notable guest performances from the likes of "Yes", "Rainbow", "Smokie", "Stone Roses", "The Kinks", "Manfred Mann", "Jethro Tull", "ELO", and "The Jimi Hendrix Experience". Itīs going to be a great one for old and new fans alike!

In between time I took a bit of time off to do a few dates around & about with "The Eclectic Blues Band", to really good responses. There is also a new Hellecasters website and John Davis, our former bass player is currently working on my discography (he's made it as far as 1972 so far!) and it really looks good. The site is <>.

I'll just be back in time for the holidays, but too late to get to my address book so I'll take this opportunity to wish you both a relaxing, old

fashioned Christmas with a very healthy and bright New Year ahead! I'll speak to you when I get back.


See what I mean about some bio info from each of you. Now we all realize that not everyone is a world renown musician and producer, but I bet each and every one of you have something to share. Here's another from one of our '64 cheerleaders, Karen Lerner Berman.


Hi Ronnie (yes, it's still Ronnie in my mind, age no never mind)!

No, kids not here for Chanukah. Am just finishing off the packages to mail to the kidlings. Kyla, the eldest, living and working in Eugene, trying to get to Tempe for the Fiesta Bowl for her dear Ducks. She's bummed that they didn't get to the Rose Bowl and feels that the bowl ratings are, well, suffice it to say less than what the Duck fanatics had dreamed of (she saw the ratings as being placed somewhere in someone's rear bodily orifice). Holly is living and working in Atlanta, teaching a high school ESL (English as a second language) program. She likes it a lot. She and her boyfriend both graduated from Emory (in Atlanta), but what keeps them there is Adam's kayak coach. Adam is training for the 2004 Olympics. Huge commitment! He and Holly are a wonderful couple and I look forward to a more permanent situation for them (mom's hearing wedding bells, but keeping mouth shut). Jenna is here and will be with us for the holidays.

Hope this finds all well for you and yours. Though I've yet to meet Anna, I hear wonderful things about her from my dear friend Dianne and look forward to seeing you both one of these times when we travel down to the L.A. area to watch Loriana play volleyball. Usually we zip down and zip back, the great 11 hr. zip.


Karen's daughter, Loriana, plays volleyball for Claremont McKenna College here in the L.A. area. Short updates like hers can really keeps this Bobcat family close.

And here's a short note from Dianne Manos Costanzo correcting an error I had in the November update.


Ron, lad, Louis attends Syracuse University, not Penn State. Also, who woulda thunk our "little Tommy Waskow" would become a maj. gen??!!

Again, Charleston is a super reunion location for us ... my home state is a perennial favorite destination for us.  TTYL, love to Anna and youse too, Dianne.


Speaking of Charleston, if we are going to do a summer gathering, I need to hear from more people either way so Jim Fei and I can get some logistics worked out. So far I have only received confirming interest from Dianne, Dr. Pam Palmer Martin, Janet Kearns Carbonneau, Ed Smith McIntosh, and Laura Lack Weeks.

Pam has commitments in May/June/July and says April or October best for her; Janet has projects in April/May and says summer or fall better for her, and it looks like Dianne and Laura want to re-unite and party anytime!!

It's decision time -- first weekend in August, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd? Check your checkbooks, date books, calendars and/or PDA's and please respond with a yea or nay. We need to book a hotel soon, and Jim needs to start preparing the Martini's!


Had a brief note from Connie Onhemus Lappin with a new e-mail address: Drop her a note in Canada. Also, Ann Gray Rethard has a great new e-mail address: Isn't that the best!

O.K. time for me to tell you what's been going on in the Crowe household and close this update.

My son, Ryan, graduated from Baylor University in December, part of the largest winter graduating class in the university's history - 850! But even more history was made when he walked across the stage in his cap and gown, Levi's, flip-flops (those rubber sandals) and a toe ring!! And I thought the velvet toe-cap Dottie's mother made to fit over my cast when we went to the prom was cool! He's off to the wide open spaces as a news videographer in Amarillo, Texas -- look out Paul Tanner, you could be caught on tape.

Our company got hired to consult the NBC owned station here in L.A. It was the station where I had worked since '92 and left in '00 to help expand Crowe Creative, Inc. What was supposed to be short stint has turned into a 60 day contract and discussions to become their Creative Services Director. And for those Dr. Phil fans from the Oprah show, I have been asked to serve on the Advertising Advisory Committee for his new show which will premiere in September. Anyone with some good ideas drop me a note on how you think we might market the show.

I'll close with this simple question to Mr. Wernette. Where in the world is Castroville, Texas? Does this mean you are re-planting your Texas roots?

Stay happy, healthy and safe until the next update.

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