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Bobcat Bulletin
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:23 PM

Hey gals 'n guys -- hope you got the info on the Overseas Brats organization and will consider sending some info to them. The only name I recognized from the "Famous Brats" section was the group, America, who's members graduated in 1969. By they can't hold a candle to our own Jerry Donahue, so let's start with a little news from Jerry.


- Ann Bamberger sent me this corrected address for the American Overseas Schools Historical Society site - Cheers, Gail


Hi Ron,

Just a quick message to let you know that I'll be back in LA from March 5 'til the 14th. Maybe we could get together one day or evening with Jay, Bill and Frank. That was fun at Musso´s last time - or we could try somewhere else.

I'd like you to hear some of the music I've produced lately, including two tracks from the new Animals CD I've been working on. They are talking to EMI, Chrysalis and Rack Records at the moment but I want to bring some other labels into the frame as well. Let me know if you have any ideas. I have some meetings set up when I get to London (right after LA).

I spoke to Frank and he's going to contact Universal for me. By the way he says you are now back at NBC. Is the old number still good? Actually I don't think I saved it after you left the first time.

How are things looking re moving the reunion slightly so that you and I'd be able to attend?

Talk to you soon, Ron. Bye for now. -Jerry


As I brought up in the January update, I would not be able to attend a gathering in Charleston the first weekend in August since my son, Ryan, will be getting married August 3. Several people wrote we could move the reunion to a later date in August. How about the weekend of August 23-25? I just got off the phone with Jim Fey, who lives in Charleston, and he will start gathering hotel info on Monday. Jim is suggesting staying in the downtown area close to the Basket Market which I'm told reflects true Southern charm. So check those calendars and left me her from you either way. Also, since I'm back with NBC4 I don't check my e-mails as often as I should at home. Please drop me a line at the office if you want a quick response:

Now on to other news.


Had an e-mail from Janet Kearns Carbonneau who wrote she will be able to meet us in Charleston in August. She was heading off to Houston to stay with her son, Shane, who was having surgery. He crushed his ankle and broke both bones in the lower leg in a rock climbing accident in Mexico. It was his second surgery on the leg so I hope all is well with him.


Had an e-mail from Pam Copeland Scanlan when she was contacted by Bob Desloge, class of '62, so the clan grows even larger. He's in touch with a few of his classmates and I'm hoping Bob can give us some info on his brother, George, who was in the '64 class but transferred back stateside before graduating. George's name came up on a very welcomed phone call this week. I've added Bob to the '64 & more group so welcome aboard, Bob.

Pam has some bragging to do since her daughter, Deborah, will be graduating from Berkley in May with a PhD. Got her mother's good looks and brains!!


The welcome phone call was from Mike Scanlan. He had some extra phone time this month and Pam was kind enough to let Mike give me a call. He's doing well and sends good wishes to everyone. We spent fifteen minutes of catching up and laughing about things going on with both of us. Pam, when you talk to Mike next, let him know I might be making a business trip to the Harrisburg area later this month and will do my damnedest to get by to see him. I'll call you with more details when I know more.


Here's a short update from one of our newly found Bobcats, Cam Foster Gianaris who's also planning to join us in Charleston ...


Yes, gosh, I suddenly couldn't make my brain work and remember Jerry's email. Just too much stress trying to get out of here. Please forward to Jerry and feel free to include my message in your next posting.

I'll be online with aol until I get settled in NC. No chance of losing me now. I am dropping by Sally Sansbury's in SC. This is going to be an adventure of a very special kind. First, I will go to Western MA to visit with an old friend who is a survivor of Auschwitz and has recently just given up. I'll love sharing that time with her and give her last rights and say good=bye.. (She was in the camps because she is Catholic.) Brilliant woman. A scientist from Columbia U.

Then to NYC to preach a sermon on March 3 and visit with many friends. Slowly, I will work my way down to NC. Thanks so much for your continued interest and care. I have been quite fragile in the last couple of weeks. Always hard to do the right thing and step out of the comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable it may have been.

I'll have my lap top with me so will be in touch with all. Thanks. Cam


Cam has resigned as a Pastor in the community where she lives and is moving to Asheville, NC. She is planning to take a year long sabbatical so she can "rest, regenerate, and refuel." She'll need to rest and regenerate with all the catching up she will be doing in Charleston this summer. I'll leave the refueling line out since I'm sure many of us will be doing that for her at the Southern "Martini Marathon."


Cam's note about seeing Sally Anderson Sansbury reminded me she has a new e-mail address. Drop her a line or two at:


Phil Souza and his wife, Becky, came down to Los Angeles two weekends ago to attend a Corvette meeting here at the Petersen Museum. The sad part was Phil got half way here and a wheel bearing went out on his 'vette. Since he thought he was going to have to get to the museum at 7am, Becky was following him in one of their other cars. He left the car in Lancaster to get fixed and had an offer on the car of $35,000 when he pulled up at the dealership! It really is pristine. They spent the night with us and we went to the museum the next morning for the show. Phil, while he wasn't glad the 'vette broke down, he was pleased he didn't show the car since the judges were ridiculous. I overheard one judge take off ten points from a car because it had the wrong shaped bolt attaching some dealy boppy. You can tell I know a lot about cars!


That's about all the news that's fit to print for this update. SEND ME SOME STUFF TO ADD TO THE NEXT ONE, PLEASE. If this keeps up we'll be having quarterly updates! Stay happy and healthy until the next one, and give me some feedback on the gathering in Charleston.

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