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  Bushey Hall 2014 photos
updated on Saturday, October 04, 2014 11:19 AM

   Courtesy of Sherry Fenton White Class of 1967
 Based on a trip to the campus in August 2014



Any help in identifying the buildings below as they were used during the time the campus was used as a military dependent’s school will be appreciated. 

Please forward any memories or memorabilia to at the following email or home address so he can amend his historic recordings in “The History of Bushey Hall”:

Derek Addison
10 Lambscroft Way
Chalfont St Peter
Bucks. SL9 9AX Engalnd

    click on images to enlarge ...

1)- Derek Addison, historian,
author, and volunteer at the

Lincolnsfield Children’s Centre
2)- 3)- Lincolnsfield Children’s
Centre has applied for a grant
to refurbish this Quonset hut
5)- 6)- Former Gym 7)- Familiar Walkways 8)-
9)- 10)- Derek Addison 11)- 12)- Building that housed
among other rooms, a
ormer jail
13)- 14)-  Now a WWII museum and
1940’s house for children.
15)- Morrison Shelter description 16)- Government issued
Morrison shelter
17)- Quality Assured Visitor Attraction 18)- Government issued Anderson
19)- Derek Addison with
gas mask used in WWII
experience for children
21)- Former Bushey Hall
22)- Former Bushey Hall
23)- Poster of the History of
Bushey Hall
24)- Elaborate, decorated fake
 “cake”, which was shared with
neighbors during sugar rationing,
covered the small fruit pie that
could be made with limited
resources during WWII.

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