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Robert Davenport '68
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:24 PM

CHS Reunion 2000 Plaque (7/24/01)

Hello, everyone who pitched in a pound to make the Central High School reunion plaque a reality!  I had to pitch in an extra fifty bucks, but I think the result was worth it!  Attached are two photographs, which show the plaque in place!

The wording is as follows:

CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Founded in 1951 at Bushy Park, near Hampton Court Palace, for American military and civilian dependents in England Located at this site from 1962 to 1971.  Moved in 1971 to High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Later renamed London Central High School.

At the reunion, I met a guy name Ian Peak, who was real interested in the plague idea, and said he would mount it for me when I got it done.

So, when I got back to the states, I designed it, and then had it made.  I used information from what people had told me about the history of the school for the narrative, and the Central High bobcats logo to give it some graphics.  Then, when it was done, I mailed it to Ian, along with some epoxy cement, and instructions on where to put it up.  He got it done, just like he said he would, and then did some pictures, which he sent to me by email.

Not a very exciting story, I'm afraid.  Much more exciting was the accident in which I was a participant during the reunion.  While driving on one of the freeways, a car rolled over in front of me, and when end over end a couple of times.  It finally landed upside down, hanging off a precipice near the side of the road.  As I approached it, I could see that the gasoline cap had popped off, and gas was pouring out of the car.  There were three people in there, and I, along with another guy who stopped, pulled them out.  I was kind of afraid it was going to go down the hill, because it rocked as I pried them out.  Amazingly, they seemed to be only cut and bruised, despite what I think was at least three flips of the car.  Anyway, I got them all out, and then the police arrived, so I motored on towards another of the reunion events.

Robert Davenport '68

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