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  Dennis Cimino '73

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1)- Horsing around in the
Electronic Warfare Module on Truxtun.
2)- Home on recruiter duty in
Tucson at parents house.
3)- In the cockpit.
4)- Arrow 41H on the Ice after
Lake of Woods landing.
5)- Nice 3 bladed Arrow IV. 6)- Nice Arrow IV instrument
7)- 65S at Lockhaven in front of
8)- Distant shot of 65S in
front of Hangar 2 in Lock Haven.
9)- Along the lakefront of Erie.
10)- Arrival. 11)- Clouds on Lake Michigan
twelve thousand feet up.
12)- Along the lakefront.
13)- Middle of Lake Michigan
endless water.
14)- Nearly 3 miles high and
15)- Nearly three miles above
Lake Michigan at sunset.
15)- Moon. 17)- Night cockpit and moon about
to eclipse.
18)- TPAS don't leave home
without it.
19)- This is my world. 20)- In route near Detroit. 21)- FCM to LHV route in entirety.
22)- The little bar at the
 airport next to Airmotive.
23)- The tricky missed approach
 procedure shown here.
24)-  A nice 50 plus degree turn to
25)- Up we go in a glass cockpit. 26)- Almost stopping the
prop with shutter speed.
27)- DA20 cockpit shot from
outside pilot side view.
28)- DA20 Eclipse front
seats and belt arrangement.
29)- DA20 Eclipse is a
motorized glider pretending
to ba an airplane.
30)- DA40 three bladed prop view.
31)- DA40 front seats
canopy up starboard side lookin in.
32)- DA40 pax canopy open. 33)- DA40 starboard side
view looking at it no wheel
skirts on.
34)- Downtown Grand Rapids
out there in the distance.
35)- Grand Rapids Airport
terminal building.
36)- Hanging out the boards
(flaps) for the run to base leg.
37)- Nice cruise flight
pic from the back seat thanks to
38)- Setting up the GPS and
NAV and comm.
39)- The northern practice area.
40)- Coastline of Lake Superior. 41)- Cockpit crew. 42)- Future guide.
43)- New passenger. 44)- With Larry's girl  

The following dedicated to Senator Carl Levin,
 Democrat/Michigan.   If not for him, I'd be
very grounded for no good reason.


45)- Almost the middle on return
46)- And another cool cloud shot. 47)- Can't even see the other side
of the lake yet.
48)- Definitely a different
perspective up here.
49)- Finally to the other side of
the lake.
50)- Good lake shot on way home. 51)- Got grey and ugly on the
return home.
52)- Lake Pepin on the river
53)- Left Base for 28L at FCM. 54)- On the ramp in Minneapolis.
56)- OSHKOSH2. 57)- Someones little town down

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Here are some flight vides:   (compressed in  format, files are large and load pretty slow)

    Grand Rapids Night Flight In DA40 Diamond Star  5.4MB  .wmv
    Moreys Fish House Motley, MN landing 
4.8MB .wmv
7.8MB .wmv
    Nite Landing Flying Cloud Midnight Arrival 
3.1MB .wmv
    High Flight  7.3MB
    DA40 212KB .mov

DA40 brochures:

    DA40 1.2MB .pdf
    Diamond Star DA40 32KB .pdf

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