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  Dennis Cimino '73

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1)- Me as I tool along
over Lake Michigan on
the way to Clow
2)- Book about
Rickenbacker outside
3)- Rickenbacker's book
on the inside his

signature amongst other
4)- An island in Canada
near London Ontario by

5)- Great sunset pic
high above the clouds
at dusks.
6)- 9500 feet above
the storm and the
moon peeking outs.
7)- This was a maelstrom
under me from Valparaiso

to South Bend on way back
from Poplar Bluffs.
8)- The mighty Mississippi
river here as I cross it
south bound.
9)- Detroit from more
than two miles above
10)- The harbor at
11)- On final for Rwy 6
at Muskegon's.
12)- That river by
Riverview airport in
Jennison, MI.
13)- Riverview Landing at
the right airspeed for finals.
14)- New Years day
1-1-2005 landing at
Sparta Rwy 6 short
final got accolades from
other pilots landings.
15)- Church by the
golf course down

street from Grand Hotel.
16)- Horse taxi.
17)- Lots of miles to
the gallon here.
18)- The Grand Hotel. 19)- Into Town. 20)- The Village Inn.
21)- N604EA the other
Arrow IV that I fly.
22)- Smart lookin ship
here isn't she.jpg
23)- On the left downwind
departure home.
24)- On the left crosswind
25)- High cruise on
the way home.
26)- Minneapolis skyscrapers
not shown.
27)- Valley Fair park in
Eden Prairie MN.
28)- Mackinac Island.


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