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  Eastcote 1969
Class of '73
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:24 PM

* Did you attend Eastcote prior to Bushey Hall??   This picture was provided by Jane Freeman/Millman.   It was taken at Eastcote School, 8th grade (Class of 73) in 1969. The only people we can positively identify so far are:

John Shilling 1st row 1st from left
Marjorie Moore 1st row  2nd from left (red dress)
Debbie Russell/Webb 1st  row 3rd from left
David Helgerson 1st row 4th from left  (yellow Shirt)
Mary Smith 1st row 5th from left
Phillip Green 1st row 6th from Left
David Johnson 2nd row 1st on left
Jane Freeman 2nd row 5th from left (orange tie)
Cynthia 2nd row 7th from left
Ann Neff 3rd row 1st on left
Terri Brown 3rd row 2nd from left
Leslie LaPierre 3rd row 3rd from left
Rob Spaulding 3rd row 5th from left
Steve Thelin 3rd row 7th from left (glasses)
Philip Rockhold 3rd row 8th from left
Mr. Vescovi Far Right
Betty Cameron/Blankenship not pictured

If anyone can identify the others, please let us know.  Contact;
Guesses are Ok.  I will contact them to verify. 

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