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Saturday December 27, 2003
07:57 PM


Has anyone heard from Patty Duno? I'd love to hear from her. If you have, please contact me at dprobst@bellsouth.net . Thanks.

Diane Farley Probst

Tuesday February 26, 2002
10:11 AM


Hi- This is Rob Thurston, class of 75 and we are looking for these people so if you know where they moved to, the names of their parents or siblings or how to find them- call me toll free at 888 438 9445 or email me hrconsultinggroup@msn.com . ALL CLASS OF 1975 Harold Allston, Connie Anderson Janis Bittner, Terri Brady () Neva Brown. Diane Cimino (), James Compton, Jackie Gibbs, Sharon Gillies, Shane (Roger) Hagood, Curtis Hankinson, Nora Herrera, Mary Jane Horton, Tim Kelley, Billy Larke, Frank McDonough Tommy R. Stocks, Peter Thompson, Michael Rhodes, Richard Vorhees or Voorhees James Wells Eddie Williams Valerie Williams ( John Zeigler, Other Class (Eastcote and Central) names- Suzanne Aston, Ken Baird David Bazart Dan Borden Gail Bowers Stephen Bladey (found sister) Ricky/Richard Braun Dan Burden Steven Burke Donald Chase, Bryce Crawford Deborah Danicourt, Bill Duke Wendy Dye, Kathryn Elliott Stephen Elliott Amy Gardner Paul Garner Thomas Gordon Janice Guilford Cindy Hall Kevin Haworth Carey Henderson, Stephen Herbert, Paul Kanaskie Lisa Kleczweski, Bryan Lowe Rory Lynch Steve McAllister Tim McKnight (brother one year older was called Ron/Sparky) Brad Mock, Mike Nees Michael Perry John Pickering, Richard Poncheri Sally Rockhold Buddy Rogers Craig Savage (related to Darrell?) Thomas Seaton, Greg Smith Debra Stone Keith Thomas, Keith Venzke, John Wellman Kevan (Evan) Wiley Stephen Willette, Jack Williams

Date:  Sunday 24 February 2002
Time:  2:15 PM PST

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