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Mark Adkinson '77 Photos

updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:24 PM

Courtesy of Mark Adkinson 1977

These photos were taken on the last day of school in June 1973.  All of the people in the photos were in the Eighth Grade.  Of the 23 different students in these photos, only two of them were there at graduation in 1977 (Pat Duno and Sara Stevenson).   Just goes to show you how much turnover there was every year.
1)- Diane Farley 2)- Mike Donnelly and Tom Rothrauff 3)- Barry Frishman and Stacy Schmidt 4)- Susan Gilpin and Cary Shepherd.  You rarely saw one without the other.
5)- Glen Grawarkiewicz.  I don't know who it was in the wild striped pants behind him, but my 16 year old daughter would like a pair of those 6)- Troy George, Unknown, and Mike Hegarty 7)- Mike Donnelly squeezes water on Julie Evans' head while Frank Martell watches approvingly.  Paul Junkin and Cindy Oberg are in the background. 8)- Mrs. Kelly and Tom Rothrauff
9)- Mike Hegarty.  Check out the knee high socks on the girls in the background. 10)- Mrs. Kelly after a loonngg semester 11)- Pat Duno 12)- Unknown, Perrie Coulter, Susan Ray, and Judy Williams.
13)- Robert Huhn 14)- Sara Stevenson 15)- Vickie Muchow 16)- David Wiggins, Mr. Douglas (Science teacher) and Tom Rothrauff

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