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Monday December 02, 2002
06:59 PM


I think the idea of a reunion in '03 in Baltimore area sounds great!  I married a guy in the military and have moved all over but am now in the DC area for a couple of years.  I'd love to see people from LCHS.  Kris (Pearson) Markovich

Tuesday November 19, 2002
11:05 PM


I remember that field trip. Think I was suspended along with everyone else, major uproar!!!  Also suspended again for smoking in the girls room outside the library that same year-my first at LCHS.  Made it through the next four suspension free...not exactly sure how.

Tuesday June 18, 2002
08:38 PM


Does anyone remember the 8th grade trip in 1978, when almost everyone got suspended for two days?

Monday April 8, 2002, 5:51PM PST


Sorry Tata, we don't have any yearbooks for the 80's yet.  If you find anyone, please steer them our way so we can get the books scanned for all to enjoy.  We have a couple of volunteers that can scan the books if owner can't.

j mercer

Monday April 08, 2002
03:30 PM


Does anyone have a copy of the 83/ 84 dorm year book for LC lost mine due to overseas move, can' t view yearbook online for some reason . Tata

Date:  Monday 4 March 2002
Time:  2:15 PM PST

Class of '82 Bulletin Board

Hello LCHS Alumni.

the bulletin board  is up and running. enjoy ...

j mercer '66  

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