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Class of 1982
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 11:07 PM

emails (8/6/06)

*    Please Note:    Names are listed with maiden name first ( for easy recognition from the past ) followed by married name.    >>> maiden/married  <<<  New & updated posts are italicized.

*  If anything here is incorrect or you do not want to be on this list,
please let me know. Thanking you;   j mercer '66 

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*   Class Representative

  Abbe Click/Harman
  Andrew Beaulieu
  Andy Netburn anetburn@bluesocket,com
  Angel Marie Ashley/Papaleoni
  Ann Pierce/Hollis
  Bob Hansen
  C David Gibson 
  Carolyn Spaulding/Wright
  Chuck Dunlap
  Craig Hall
  Dawn Mercer
  Denise (Boyd) Weng 
  Dink Edwards  
  Don McNamara
  Donna Hornbrook
  Donna Lopez 
  Duff Kelly
  Elizabeth DuVall
  Fred Gibson   
  Glenn Norosky
* Jeff Johnson
  Jeremy Shoop
  Joe Iannelli      
  Jon Johnson
  Kathy Odell/Collum
  Keri Pepperell/Davidson
  Kevin Cadigan
  Kimberly Moore/Fitzgerald
  Kris Pearson/Markovich
  Larry Dyer
  Lisa Buck/Taylor
  Lisa Dugan/Wardle
  Lisa Fieni/Ortiz
  Mary Beth Kunde/Rodriguez 
  Michael Dufresne
  Mike Roff
  Molly Daughterty/Beaudoin
  Randy Smith 
  Shannon Taylor/Jones  
  Shawn Otto
  Shelly Koerber/Luetkemeyer
  Suzanne George/Tonsberg
  Vincent  Morgan 
  Walter Norosky

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