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Class of 1999
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:24 PM

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Bulletin Board. High Wycombe
Reunion *Notices*. Peckham House  (2/21/05)
Reunion photos. Carpenders Park.
 Londoner Yearbook. AYA West Ruislip.
E-mails  (5/7/06) Fox & Geese. Memorial Page

Class Representative:  Ashley Harrison/Davis 

I've also thought about the idea of getting the class of '96 - '00 together for one big reunion.  Since my graduating class was so small I figured if I got more than just one class together it would make all the difference in the turn out.  B/c let's face it w/ about 30 students in each graduating class from '96 - '00 there's not going to be much of a turn out with just one class present.  That's why I feel its important to get several classes together to make it worth all the work.  Unfortunately, I'll have much of a harder task getting 4/5 different classes together than just one but its worth the try.

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