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Monday October 04, 2004
08:21 PM


Hey it Ashley Fundahn, looking for the old crew Bobby K where you at?  Sarah, why you hiding?  Kiean, still in the AF?  Josh do you own your own trailer park yet?  Joey H. how's your tongue?  Alissa, are you still, uh...being Alissa?  inside joke.  Anybody who know's what the camden palace, bagley's, or the feeshy is EMAIL ME NOW!!!  Life just ain't the same without ya.  My email address are ForAnAng3L@aol.com  or ForAnAng3L@nc.rr.com

Monday November 25, 2002
11:20 AM


i'm checking it...

Wednesday April 10, 2002
08:22 AM


Does anyone really check this thing....?


Date:  Saturday 9 March 2002
Time:  9:45 PM PST

Class of '99 Bulletin Board

Hello LCHS Alumni.

the bulletin board  is up and running. enjoy ...

j mercer '66     jmercer@LondonCentral.org  

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