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Updated on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 06:00 PM

Progress Report on Questionnaire

I am hoping to develop the Bushey Museum page (for Bushey Hall) very soon now also, and this part of the Questionnaire can be improved.

Discussion with correspondents has made it clear that Block A was not an RAF Base, but that RAF. personnel, few in number, could sometimes be seen working near the building.  They were responsible for the raising and lowering of the Union Jack at one of the two flag poles shown on this sketch-map, just as USAF NCOs handled "Old Glory" at the other.

Number 9 on the sketch in A is labeled "Snack Bar" and is sometimes referred to as "NCO Club".  It was definitely an American-style cafeteria, served delicious hamburgers and is known to have included Bobcats from Block B (the school) amongst its customers.

Please note that the Junior High School made use of rooms in the eastern end of Block C which included the Eisenhower Room, numbered 5.  The Elementary School was also located there.

To the right, is eastern, end of the block there are six large wings, three north and three south, with some smaller buildings between the wings. 

On the west to east axis of the block, I understand  that the junior high school was located innermost (two large wings, one north & one south), and the elementary school outermost (four large wings, two north and two south).  The Eisenhower room (numbered 5) was in the elementary school area.

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