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USAF Quarters

Carpenders Park

Oxhey Lane, (south of Watford, next to South Oxhey), Hertz, England.  street map & aerial of Carpenders Park today.

Neil Hamilton, a local historian, is interested in the former USAF quarters at Carpenders Park in Oxhey Lane, now demolished.  He is looking for early pictures of the quarters which stood c.1960 - 1997.  Neil wonders if any students at LCHS Bushey Hall lived with their families at the Carpenders Park property at  any time and might have photos of it.  He knows the former caretaker, Harry Wynn, who has numerous photos of residents from the mid-1960s onwards.  Neil himself has some b/w aerial pictures of the Carpenders Park site from the early 1960s that are of interest.

Neil's email address:  MHami16727@aol.com

A short history of Carpenders Park by Neil Hamilton. Click Here!

Harry Wynn, Quarters Caretaker from 1960's on. Click Here!

CP 1983 photos courtesy of Neil Hamilton. Click Here!

CP 1983 photos courtesy of Michelle Webb '83 & Denise Web '86. Click Here!

CP 1965/66 photos courtesy of Brendan Toolin '66. Click Here!

Carpenders Park demolition photos, taken in 1998,  Click Here!

These photos were taken in 1997 by Jim Sharp '66.  Click Here!

The mansion was called Carpenders and later Highfield when an exclusive girls school took over in 1914.  The  mansion was demolished to make way for the USAF quarters Cardenders Park.  Little did the residents know what was under their feet.  The mansion's basements were all intact, just filled with rubble from the demolition.  The mansion was demolished in 1959/60 to make way for the quarters, which in turn were flattened in 1997/8.

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B&W above from around 1964

B&W above from around 1964

Click On photos to enlarge, from around 1998.

A Special Thank You to Neil HamiltonBrendan Toolin '66Jim Sharp '66 and  Michelle Webb '83, Denise Webb '86  ...

To have photos posted,  Please send to  jmercer@londoncental.org 

I have a scanner and I promise to return your photos.  That's how most of the photos got here.  Please email me and I'll send you my postal address.   j mercer '66

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