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Scanner Settings for
Yearbooks Project

updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:25 PM
  project began on Friday, June 08, 2001

  Scanner Settings, please note that these recommendations are constantly being updated to make them easier to understand.  <g> hopefully ...  

  Help us by scanning your yearbook.  The basic settings we are using are below.  We have lots of help to get you through the project. 

  Set your scanner to 'Save As' or output files as .jpg at about 850 PPI (pixels per inch) wide (side to side) with 600 DPI (dots per inch) resolution for pages.  We need at least a DPI resolution of 300 or more for full page scans to come out readable.  600PPI and up gives us the best resolution for image quality.   Use Color or Gray Scale for scanner output type.  All image files to be *.jpg (JPEG) only because of server space.  Fifty annuals will require at least 5GB (gigabytes) of server space.

  Measurements are wide (side to side or width).  We are concerned with width only.  We are not concerned with length (tall or up & down).  If you can set your scanner's 'Output' to these settings.

Pages = 700PPI (= 4 inches = 11.75 centimeters = 335 points) minimum and up to 850PPI (pixels per inch).
Resolution set to around 300DPI to 600DPI.
Page file sizes:  They should come in around 75KB (kilobytes) to 275KB a file with medium JPEG compression. 

  Please name said pages like, 65p001.jpg for yearbook '1965 page #001' and 65cover.jpg.  File names in all lower case characters and no spaces please.

  We need a "Table of Contents" similar to this one.  TOC's  A simple list of sections and page numbers for your annual would be great.

  Looks like hardest part is juggling the book and squaring pages on the scanner bed.  LOL

  To become part of the Yearbook Scanning Project or or need any kind of help with scanning or such, please contact any me.  We are growing by leaps and bounds ever day.

 j mercer :

  Comments & Suggestions Welcomed ...

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