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About Us

          Look over old issues from 1966, '69 and '77.
          Alumni List (Includes Class Representatives and Class Pages board & photos.)
          Alumni Websites 
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Bushy Tales Newsletter
Dedicated to all who attended London Central High School in Bushy Park, London England from 1952 to 1962.
Bushey Museum, History of Carpender’s Park, and Historian’s Questionnaires
          Bobcats' chatroom with chat notices, chat groups and sign-up.
          Bobcats' Forum is a bulletin board for everything LCHS and some goofing about with Alumnus.
Guest Book
          Visit the guest book and read the many messages left by classmates or submit
          your comments here.
Help Wanted
          Explore how you can contribute to the site.
High Times
          Read issues from 1969 and 1972.
Instant Messengers
          Includes instant messengers and IRC for alumni.
Londoner Newsletter

          21st edition of newsletter for “Londoner on the Web” members.  Membership
          is limited to those who would have graduated from 1966 to 1974.  Visit their
          site at  to find out  more.
Memorial Page
          Tributes and memories of classmates.
          Newsletters from Class groups & Class Representatives.
          Tons of old and new photos from alumni.  Also new photos of Bushey US Army
          Base from 1953 to 1955 before it became LCHS Bushey Hall in the fall of
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Remember This?
          A list of links to tv shows, radio, audio, video and even trains to bring back
          memories of England.
          Reunion Notices 
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          Reunion Photos
          Reunion Survey (Results of the Reunion Survey)
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Site Map
Tips To Find Old Friends

          Plus Gigi’s tips for using “Who Where!
Yearbooks and Dormbooks
          Look through your yearbook!

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