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Class of 1971
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Bulletin Board. Bushey Hall now. Hensley+Walker Wedding (11/26/03)
Reunion *Notices*. Peckham House  (2/21/05) Guy Fawkes Day
Reunion photos. Carpenders Park. / 22nd Newsletter  (1/28/04)
Londoner Yearbook. AYA West Ruislip. Albion  (1/9/05)
E-mails (12/6/10) Fox & Geese. '71 Graduation Program (1/28/04)
  '68-'69 London Area Schools   (12/28/03) Questionnaire
  "Everything you always wanted to know about Dorms"  (1/8/05) Memorial Page

Class representative:

Rob Shanks   

also, Rob is part of folks and the Londoner Newsletter

    What is a Londoner?  Anyone who attended Central High School in England can call themselves a Londoner.  Many of our members were only there for one year - most didn't even graduate from CHS. But they all share the incredible London experience!

    What is the Londoner Newsletter?  In 1982, the first Londoner Newsletter was issued, with updates on 24 people who had attended Central High School in England during the late 60s and early 70s.  Newsletters are now available only on-line.

    Who can join?  Membership to the Londoner is limited to those whose graduation years would have been between 1966 and 1974 regardless whether or not they actually graduated from CHS.  There are other groups handling earlier or later years.  We had to cap it because of the numbers involved.

    They are hosting the New Orleans July 12 & 13, 2002 Reunionthis one is in the French Quarter,   jmercer '66 ...

also, Rob is part of the Yahoo Group thelondoner.

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