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Laurie (Barker '73) Petitpas  1973 Photos

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This is a photo of the JV Cheerleaders in the 1970-71 school year that is a "never before seen" photo. The funny thing about it is that when we gathered for yearbook pictures, after we had finished, I left and then the photographer took one more which was the one used in the yearbook overlooking the fact completely that I was not in it! ha! Now there's a piece of yearbook trivia I bet no one is aware of !   I'm the fourth from the left in the picture.

Another photo originally taken for the yearbook on the same day as the other I just sent.


Laurie Barker (73) and Steve Slabinski (73) taken December 1969.
From the Class of 1969 Senior Prom at the Grosvenor House in London.  The only person I can identify is my brother who is seated to the far left at the table, Rick Barker (Class of '69) and his date, Patty Pearson (who did not attend Central).

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