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Bobcat Bulletin
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:23 PM

Hey group ... getting started a little early this month and have I got some news! Thanks to Jerry D. and one of his band's websites we can welcome home another Bobcat. Re-introducing Cam Foster Gianaris.


Dear Ron.

I guess, like Karen, I'm inclined to say "Ronnie." Jerry D. has sent me your way. I have just enjoyed all the emails with attached names, so very much. (Jerry sent to me.) How wonderful that you do this.

I live in the Boston area. I have a son Courtney who is a freshman at a small school in NH, St Anselms College (quite nice Benedictine school) and my older son, Christian, is in pre-med and then will go to med school at Tufts University here in Boston.

I have lived most of my adult life in NYC married to an investment banker on wall street. I am now divorced and it has taken me what feels like a lifetime to get over it. Having attended Union Theological Seminary (connected with Columbia U.) in NYC, I am an ordained priest and counselor in the United Church of Christ (UCC, the most liberal of protestant denominations and of similar tradition as Presbyterian). I have a Masters of Divinity in Psychiatry and Theology, with five years of clinical training. I am currently a pastor in a church outside of Boston. (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A NUN!)

Life is beginning to look brighter after many losses. (Just too many deaths in my family.)

I would love to get in on the summer plan in Charleston. Add me to the list. I figure this group might be in need a good chaplain. One who loves margaritas, much laughter and good conversation. Of course I'll have to start saving but it will be quite nice if we can gather a good group of folks. I realize many of you have been visiting quite a bit through the years. I have missed not doing this. Hello to so many of you whom I could visualize while going over the list from Jerry's email. Totally cool. And a real joy for me.

Now . . . where in the hell is Pam Parker? If she was on the list I missed it.

Thanks Ron for being the torch bearer of this group.

Blessings to you all in this New Year as we each try to grasp a New Hope for our children and loved ones in a world that is so full of fear and hate.

The Rev. Ms. Camille (Cam) Foster Gianaris

Rev. Camille Gianaris ("That's Camille or Cam to you and my friends")

112 River Pointe Way Apt. 5303
Lawrence, MA 01843
978-681-8650 home
978-459-9631 work


And so the family grows, plus it's growing with grandchildren!

Bill Cooper '57 announced grandchild #10! I wrote that he now has a baseball team with a pinch hitter. He wrote back saying to hell with that, they are taking over the state of Maryland!

And Bruce Spilker welcomed grandson Finlay James Jiro Spilker into the world during the month. Bruce is the Postmaster in Marsh Gibbon, Bicester, England and is looking forward to young Finlay helping him on his route when he visits grandpa in a few years.


Had a few musical notes from Jerry D. living "la vida loca" writing/producing/performing in Europe.


I'd love to make the next reunion, too, but the first part of August would be out of the question due to the annual Fairport Festival at Cropredy - It's a huge deal this year as it celebrates 35 years since the band first formed with the original lineup in 1967(Tell me if I'm wrong but I believe that's the same year that two of the founding members of the band "America" graduated from our school)!

Anyway, the first part of September would be my favorite but I could make adjustments to accommodate other time periods - at least in most cases, but unfortunately I would have no way of doing this at the time of the Cropredy Festival.

PS - Would you please remove the JDonahueBK address from the master list? <> is the best one for anyone to reach me quickly. I'm using the other one specifically for merchandise orders now. Would you please mention this in the next update? Also please include the fact that my old Glendale address should now be deleted and replaced with my Hollywood one. Thanks, Ron - here's that address once again:

5757 Franklin Ave #204,
Hollywood CA 90028.
Phone number is still the same.


The London 2000 reunion included a trip to Cropredy to see Jerry perform along with his daughter who is pursuing a singing career. If any of you can make it, it is an incredible show. And yes, Jerry, "America" got started in '67 and I think they are performing at the Winter Olympic in Salt Lake City on NBC. I've got some personal news about NBC to share later, but first some challenges with the Charleston reunion. Here's a note from Jim Fei, most likely our front man for the gathering


Got your e mail regarding Aug 2/3. If we're going to do this when the weather is as hot and humid as it will be. do we want to think about getting a hotel on the beach? Charleston has several beach communities from low to middle end up to full on resorts with prices commensurate. Driving distances from the beaches to downtown are 15 to 30 minutes or so. I generally would have recommenced staying right downtown to take advantage of being able to walk to all the regular sights and a few of the hotels downtown will have pools. Just a thought. I'll start to check availabilities and pricing. Any estimate on whether any, and how many, might be interested?


I've gotten a few responses from people saying August 2/3 was good for them, but now it's not good for me. My son, Ryan, is going to get married to a wonderful young woman, Rebekah, in Wiggans, Colorado August 3rd. They met in college and we all know how young love strikes hard and fast. So, unless an alternate date can be worked out, I will have to pass. Any thoughts about a new date from those of you who have shown real interest:

Jim Fei, Dianne Manos Costanzo, Janet Kearns Carbonneau, Sue Boyle McGuire, Sally Anderson Sansbury, Pam Palmer Martin, Cam Foster Gianaris, Ed McIntosh, "Wild Man" Wouter DeNie, Wiki Mims Carter, Pam Copeland Scanlan (who celebrates a wedding anniversary to Mike Scanlan today 1/27), Trish Scanlan Pack, Val Sheridan Lannon, Kathie Faulkner Jones, Laura Lack Weeks ... and I'm sure I left someone out, so I apologize in advance, and since so many others live within driving distance (hint Kim Posey League, famous for her fear of flying) more decisions to attend should happen soon.

For now I would like to turn the organizing reins over to Jim Fei who knows the area and has already volunteered his help. And since the state is "home" to Dianne Manos Costanzo, I'm sure she will help Jim. If another date is selected, I will be there.


Now for some other news. Susie Cable Upton has a new e-mail address:

Anne Saxton Bristow, "Wild Man" Wouter DeNie and Jan Burks Brittingham are now off line and I will be mailing this update to them. Anne is getting a new computer, Jan gave up on hers, and "Wild Man" has retired again -- no more teaching Economics at a community college but lots more time to concentration on his book about the canals of America.

Phil Souza's son, Abraham is engaged to Nicole and has set a date of 2/22/03. Bram will graduate from San Francisco State in June and Nicole is working on her Masters degree in Accounting.

Roy "Helicopter" Hopkins, our test pilot, is busy getting ready for the first flight in June of the Bell 609 - the first commercial tilt rotor. That's the helicopter that takes off like a helicopter, rotates the propellers, and flies forward like a plane. Hope I explained that right, Gossie!

Pam Copeland Scanlan and Mike Scanlan celebrate a wedding anniversary today as I wrote earlier. Pam's daughter Deb will be receiving her PhD in Epidemiology from Berkeley in May.

Diane "Birdie" Berquist Jordan spent most of the Christmas holidays traveling to London with her daughter, Donelle, and had great time showing off her English "stomping grounds" and especially Windsor Castle. Diane's son, Derek, recently enlisted in the Navy and will be deployed soon. She also wrote that after she was laid-off from USAirways she decided to go back to college and is now enrolled at San Diego State pursuing a degree in International Business.

Janet Kearns Carbonneau wrote her family added three new activities to her Christmas, but the most special was a tradition introduced by her stepmother. The custom is to hide a "pickle" ornament and a prize was given to the person who finds it. She said it is something they plan to continue for future holidays.


And now some copy and paste updated from other Bobcats. The first from Sue Boyle McGuire.


Once again thanks for the update. August 2 & 3 would be perfect for me. That gives me plenty of time to get my alcohol consumption back up to the level so I don't pass out after 3 drinks! Pat Scanlan and I have already talked and I will stop off in Orlando and pick her up and we will drive up.

Supermom is doing great. I gave her a new wheelbarrow for Xmas. Once her new doctor got her off all the medication she was on she has blossomed back to her old self. At 75 she has a hell of a lot more energy than I do. When I get home from work she has a pot of tea ready and we sit on front porch and consumer that. After tea we switch to wine (she has a 2 glass limit) and we fix dinner. Between the 2 of us we already have more antique's than we know what to do with....but we still like to go "junkin".

Hope everyone in your family is well. Enjoyed your graduation story. Love to everyone. Sue


And snippets from our "Shepherd" and founding father, Ed McIntosh


Hi Amigo...

Well, this is my first message direct from McIntosh Farms on a very cold and wet day in Oakhurst, Texas. Up here in the deep East Texas piney woods. Had the hardline phone connection restored so I could bring the laptop up and do work, but also to stay connected to the world. The first message I got, of course, was the sad, sad news about Gail Anderson. I just sat here and cried like a baby. Even though I didn't know her that well, she and Sally (and all of you) are like my family. You are my family since none of them are left. A sad day for all of us, but thank you so, so much for letting us know.

Things continue to go really well at work. I start the first class in two weeks on my journey to get my M.Ed and a teaching certificate. A course in "Technology in the Classroom." It's all about using computers, the 'Net and other tech tools to enhance the learning experience. Should sail right through that, being a kind of techo-nerd these days. But it's the start of the process that's important for me right now. I'm working on next year's travel schedule as we speak and have several trips to S.C. on the schedule. Think I told you that our area office for that state is right next to Charleston in the smallish community of Mt. Pleasant. And I have relatives from my father's side of the family living in Columbia, so may pop over to see them. Maybe not...

Great news about the King of the Telecasters! Someone at work was saying they saw some mention of Jerry on a PBS program about a week ago that talked about the role of session musicians in the music business and how this largely unknown group of highly talented people are the ones who really make the industry work.

I'm going to Virginia on Feb. 15 to see my latest love interest. We're going to spend Friday night at a historic house in Farmville that's been converted to a luxury B&B. That's where my mother was born. My new friend's parents are from Farmville, too, and she's known the McIntosh's all her life. She had a call from a family friend there last week about a message the friend found in a closet in the house my mother grew up in. The owners were doing some repainting upstairs and scratched on a wall were the words "On this day, Elizabeth got a new pair of shoes, April 4, 1925" I'm sure my mother wrote that. She would have been 8-years-old. They left that part unpainted so we can come take a picture of it. Made me very emotional


O.K. who's wiping tears besides me? Now a few words from our "Class Comedianne" Dianne Manos Costanzo


Ron, first weekend in August works for us. I'm penciling in the date.

Castroville, Texas???? How bizzzzzare! "Jack T. Wernette and Texas" that a for real oxymoron or what??? Jack T. not in London???? Surely the next event will be the ravens leaving The Tower of London!!!

Enjoying having the sons around until Jan 14....Andrew is finding it strange being back at home after his first semester at Holy Cross. Louis, the old hand at living away from home since he was 14, is starting to do some interviewing. He had interviewed with the LA Public Works recently....they are hiring 60 engineers. Think he's actually going to take some time off after he does the Canadian Iron Man in British Columbia in August. Probably back to Colorado for a bit of training and try to make the cut for the New Zealand Iron Man,. which would justify him being down there for a 4/5 month stint. ha

Andrew has fit right into Holy Cross, and really enjoys being just outside Boston. He's trying to decide on summer activities...since he was overseas the last two summers, says he may stay home and knock off some course work at our local Jesuit university...that is subject to change after he's been here for a month over Christmas and found out how hard it is to "return to the berg after seeing Boston". ha

Dena girl continues to do her Philly thing. As usual she was downtown for the Mummers New Year's Day Parade bright and early. She long ago determined that partying on "The Eve" can severely cut into the day long partying on "The Day"...priorities. ha

OK, kimasabe, take care and give Anna a hug from us. Always a pleasure to get your updates....Wouter mentioned in his Christmas card letter that he'd met one of the Pichot's....Louis' company has been doing the restoration of Pichot's summer home the last several years. "Grey Towers" is now owned by the Park Service and the restoration to period perfection is rather impressive....just finished the main house in September. Sooooo, have made plans with him to go up there in the Spring to give him an insiders tour of the place and grounds. Should be fun. Am off, take care, and love to you both, Dianne


Dave Aldridge '65 started off the New Year right by sharing some info for all of us to read. Is that too blatant that I would like some news to share about you?



Just a quick note from Graceland. Chris and I are headed back to Clearwater this next week to pack up for the move to Memphis. We will move into our new home in Germantown on the 16th. Our new address will be:

9322 William's Glen Cove
Germantown, TN 38139

If you are in the area, please let us know and plan to stop by.

Big news for us comes from our daughter Heather who lives in Chicago with her husband RJ and works as an associate producer for Oprah Winfrey. In November, she called to tell us that she got to interview Henry Kissinger for an Oprah! show on whether or not we should go to war with Iraq. The very next day she was asked to fly to LA and interview Quincy Jones (one of Oprah's best friends.....) for an upcoming show. They did the shoot at his LA mansion and Heather came away with a compendium of his music and an autographed copy of his new book.

Tim, our oldest son, successfully completed his first semester teaching in Chicago . It is great to have him so close to Heather and RJ. Our youngest, Brad, continues in college in St. Petersburg.

Chris and I went east for a week to spend Christmas with her sister and family. All three of our kids made it back to Baltimore to join us. Our nephew and my sons actually got me out on the golf course in low 30's

weather for a round. It was the first and last time. My Florida blood is

still way too thin...... We flew back into Memphis on the 30th and headed down to New Orleans for dinner on Bourbon Street on New Year's Eve and the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day. Go LSU! We have to cheer for somebody. Chris and I are wearing paper bags after Spurrier beat up on Maryland in the Orange Bowl.

In many ways, we are glad to put 2001 behind us and look forward to brighter days in the coming year. We are ever mindful of the losses experienced by so many during the past year. Chris and I keep those servicemen and women in harm's way in our daily prayers. I still remember singing the Navy Hymn each week at the American service just of Grovesnor Square in London. In many ways, we are glad to put 2001 behind us and look forward to brighter days in the coming year.

Keep up the fine work with the newsletter.

God bless,

Dave Aldridge '65


That almost does it for this update; however, I said I had some news to share about NBC.

In December I wrote that I had been hired as a consultant to the NBC owned station I worked for in Los Angeles. After two months of making suggestions on how a Advertising/Promotion department should be structured, they offered me a job. After some negotiations they offered me my previous tenure back, a much larger salary, and a surprising title. As Mike Shook used to say when we were in college at North Texas State, "Little Ronnie Crowe" is now the Vice President, Creative Services for NBC4 Los Angeles.

It means Anna will have to hire another person to help write and produce so Crowe Creative, Inc., continues to grow. In fact, as I'm writing this she's on the other computer finalizing details on a radio contest we have been working on for the WB network show, "Smallville."

Happy Valentine's Day in advance, and send me some news to share for the February update. Stay happy ... healthy ... and safe.

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