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Bobcat Bulletin

October 2001
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:23 PM


Ripping off a copy line from one of the current Budweiser commercials to ask for info about you and yours. These updates are getting shorter which could be attributed to two things: they are boring and have no interest to you, or you simply don't have anything to share. I hope it's the latter otherwise the great training Mr. Wernette and Mrs. Leigh gave several of us is going to waste.


Had dinner Friday night with Pam Palmer Martin and her husband, John, while they were in Los Angeles to see the "Lion King." We had a wonderful time catching up on a lot of things but mostly Pam's devoted work to, "Homeward Bound," the domestic abuse center she directs. Her incredible campus has become the model for several centers around the United States, helping both women and men get safely back into the mainstream, and has been featured on both "NBC Nightly News" and "Dateline."

One of the highlights of the evening, besides the incredible meal, was arriving at the restaurant. On the sidewalk outside was a Plexiglas cover over a Koi pond (in Texas they called them "big ol' Goldfish) that continued through the bar and into the dining area. Now I've been told I could do a lot of things, but walking on water could only be accomplished with a fellow Bobcat walking beside me! Thanks, Pam, I knew you would work wonders after Central but that has to be the ultimate.


Thanks to everyone who sent congratulatory messages to Jim Fei last week marking the 25th anniversary of his company, Life Cycle Engineering. Naturally he had to celebrate, and in typical Fei fashion he hosted a small affair with some 300+ employees and business associates -- talk about a "Martini Marathon!"


Our class musician, Jerry Donahue, is back touring in the UK and sent an e-mail about an exciting new project for him. He is going to produce some music for the band, "The Animals"! Remember them, "House Of The Rising Sun."

Jerry is also producing a 2 CD tribute to Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan, both guitarists of Rockabilly, R&B and Jazz fame. Jerry's e-mail also included a mention about 'da Godfather, Frank Badami, who helped him negotiate a "very complex" contract between Jerry and Gatton and Buchanan's record company boss. Now, who wouldn't want Frank negotiating for them -- if you disagree he'll make an offer you can't refuse!


Had an e-mail from Wiki Mims Carter after her trip to Washington, D.C. to visit her son, Mitchell. He's currently working at the Department of Justice and is following in father Bill's footsteps and is planning a career in law. While in D.C. Wiki went to the Vietnam memorial and found the name of one of our former classmates who's family shipped back stateside before graduation, carved into the stone. I'll let her words describe the experience:

"Although we had not planned to go there, we found our way to the Vietnam memorial. I just had to find him. Using the directory to the Wall I found on panel 24W the name of William Caldwell Donics, our old classmate, my first love. he was killed on May 15, 1969. I wanted so much to touch his name, but it was too high for me to reach or even get a picture of it. All I could do was stand there and weep. To my right was the last length of the wall and the spire of the Washington monument. Behind me was the bronze statue of the three US combat soldiers. It was an extremely moving experience. And the Wall, for all its past criticism, is absolutely perfect for what it commemorates. I would not be at all surprised if there aren't other classmates from our school on that memorial."

Thank you, Wiki, for sharing your thoughts.


John Childress, class of '66, was posthumously recognized last Saturday during homecoming activities at the Citadel in Charleston, SC. John was awarded the humanitarian award for saving so many lives on the ground as his plane went down a couple of years ago. John lost his life as he directed his disabled jet away from a school full of children.

John's wife, Gail Anderson Childress, also of the class of '66, is battling cancer and is holding her own according to her sister, Sally. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Roger Kembel is mostly likely nursing his feet right about now since he is at Disneyland with his grandchildren. He called last night to confirm getting together for breakfast tomorrow with myself and Jay Christensen on his way to Oxnard, CA. Roger, now retired from the Mounties, is rebuilding two Mustangs and is going to Oxnard to visit one of his parts suppliers. At least now I will have some info for the November update!!


My daughter, Teresann, who is an Alzheimer's researcher at U.C.L.A. recently sent me a wonderful website that will benefit any of you that have will have grandchildren going to college in a few years -- could even save you some money if your own children are young enough.

There's a company called Upromise where you can register your credit cards and receive college contributions from companies enrolled in the program. We checked the program out and it has tremendous potential if you get a few family members involved. You basically use your card the way you do now and whoever you designate reaps the benefits from several sources. Check it out at:


In the last update I asked for some thoughts on getting together this summer for a reunion. Two locations were brought up, Washington, D.C., which had been discussed at the London 2000 reunion, and Charleston, S.C. I got very few responses but the majority were for Charleston, Jim Fei's stomping grounds. I spoke to Jim last week and he's up for helping in the planning if we still want to target something for his city. We all know Jim can throw a party based on his 25th blast, but can we count on you coming?

PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if you would like get together in Charleston so we can get going on this. Jim indicated the summer months can be humid and has suggested April, May or October -- knowing our group, we will have enough coolants in our systems the humidity won't be a problem! Let me know a.s.a.p

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