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Bobcat Bulletin
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:23 PM

Due to high humidity, hot weather, and low interest the gathering in Charleston is not going to happen. As of Friday I had less than 10 Bobcats committed to switching from Martini's to Mint Juleps. Can/Will/Should someone make a suggestion for a cooler, more convenient city in the future? I hope so. Enjoy your summer.

Now some news from others. First, our own Cam Foster Gianaris.


I am in Baltimore. Let's see . . . . . Upon my arrival in my new abode . . .

The plumbing was backed up, shelves in closets were either non-existent or were coming out of the wall, the telephone connection wasn't working and the movers left me with 6000 lbs of home goods to be unpacked, solo!

Moving always brings one new challenges in life. In the course of one week, I think I have successfully managed many of them. With this being said, I totally love my neighborhood and my apartment.

All this the offering of a Bitter-sweet (mostly sweet) Grace!

New address:  Rev. Camille Gianaris
                      4611 Roland Ave.
                      Baltimore, MD  21210
Home:             410.662.7667

Email will change in a bit. Will advise. C_______

Cam -- there's lots of our classmates in the DC area, hope your new apartment can handle a few guests. I sure though the phone can receive a few calls. Come on, kids, welcome Cam to your area.

George Cornwall is on the move and sent me this note. Be sure to change his e-mail address in your address books.


Armin and I will be at LCHS 2002 in Charleston, SC if it happens. We will probably drive down from the Norfolk VA area and would be happy to carry anyone else or share a ride with anyone else coming from the north. The more the merrier. I know it's going to be HOT & HUMID there but we will be prepared. We visited there during thanksgiving about 10 years ago and found it to be a really interesting place.

On the personal side, we have moved to a new house, still in Newport News. After 25 years in the old place we had a lot of junk to get rid of and a lot of cleaning up to do. We are still working on it, especially cleaning out the garage (my responsibility) and hope to get it on the market while it is still spring. We also have e-mail at home now and you should change our address to  . I still check the old address as well but want to phase it out.

You may be interested to know that my daughter, Stephanie, has pretty seriously considered giving up TV news but has decided to take one more new job, this one as weeknight co-anchor for the station in Charlottesville, VA. She was working for Sinclair Broadcasting in Nashville and, although that station was doing well, Sinclair is in financial trouble and there was no money for raises and improvements there. She also wants to have weekends free, for a change, to see friends and family so, having a monday-friday job was one of her goals. Armin is looking forward to having her nearer home.

Good luck with the new challenge, Stephanie, and everyone else look for the Cornwall's garage sale ads in Newport News. Is the local paper called the Newport News News?

And Janet Kearns Carbonneau wrote to say about the August gathering.

I do still plan to be there. Are we still talking about the weekend of Aug.23-25th. I will be spending June in New Zealand and Australia.

And word of the reunion got out to some younger Bobcats - Bobkitties?

Ron, you may not know me but I just found out we share one thing in common. I attended LSHS 1969-thru-1973 we got transferred during my junior year. I Graduated in Fairfax Va. Class of "74". I have lived in Summerville since 78. "O" yes, you are probably wondering who the hell this is. Well let me introduce myself I'm Bill Harney I am now a single parent after 22 years with two sons 17 and 20. The reunion in Charleston sounds great.

Keep in touch,


And another from '66.


I plan on attending the reunion. I live in Atlanta, GA and if I can be of any assistance in the planning, etc., please let me know.

Lyndall ("Lynn") Lee

And here's a conversation from Canada and Roger Kembel

Hi Ron, unfortunately we cannot make the August reunion this year. I will certainly be available however to meet up with Diana Manos when she and family comes to BC this August.

I have not had a good spring medically, I fell carrying my exercise machine down some stairs, and I tore the bicep from the elbow joint (bicep rupture) underwent surgery to reattach it to the elbow and am just now (8 weeks

later) starting physio to regain the use and strength, in of all arms by right one. Beth was a saviour helping me with virtually every aspect of life. You don't realize how much you use your right arm for, I think she is glad to see me on the mend. Certainly did ruin my golf for the summer and working on the Mustangs is out for awhile as well. We don't seem to mend as quickly as we used to, must have something to do with our age???

Hope all is well with you and Anna. Regards - Roger

Keep some good thoughts for Roger and say an extra prayer for Pam Palmer Martin's husband, John, who is also facing some tough medical problems.

And here's a word from one of our recently found "Victors" Bill Brandow.

Ron. Nice to hear from you. Actually I work for Lockheed Martin as a propulsion engineer not NASA. But I am at Kennedy Space Center. Now for the bad news. Heidi and I had already planned a trip to Reno NV for the dates you have the re-union planned so we won't be able to make it. Going to meet our youngest daughter and show her and her husband the property we bought for retirement in a few short years. Keep in touch and so will I.

Bill Brandow '65. In the BIG book that covered all of the schools in Europe and the middle east from 62-63.

And to close off this update, I've included a little ditty from our own Sue Boyle McGuire. I've attached it so you can enjoy it on your own.

Write soon, kids, or these updates will go the way of the reunion.

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