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Bobcat Bulletin
July 2001
updated on Sunday, August 06, 2006 09:23 PM

Stamp Out Junk Mail!

Got the following from our own Wilka "Wiki" Mims Carter. Sheís on a crusade now that she has retired, and I canít blame her. See what she has to say then Iíll ask a question.
When you get those pre-approved letters in the mail for everything from credit cards to
2nd mortgages and junk like that, most of them come with postage paid return envelopes, right? Well, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail and put it in Those cool little envelopes! Send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to American Express, or a pizza coupon to Citibank. If you didn't get anything else that day, then just send them their application back! Just make sure your name isn't on anything you send them. Heck, you can send it back empty if you want to just to keep'em guessing! Let's turn this into a chain letter! Eventually, the banks and credit card companies will begin getting all their junk back in the mail. Let's let them know what it's like to get junk mail, and best of all... THEY'RE paying for it! Twice! Let's help keep our postal service busy since they say e-mail is cutting into their business, and that's why they need to increase postage again! Send this to a friend or two or three...or fifty....
And the question isÖ how can we apply this to telemarketers?

Lost Bobcats Come Home!

Thanks to Wouter "Wild Man" DeNie, we now have Steve Caldwell with us on-line.  While he had an e-mail address at work, nobody had it. I had his mailing address and Wild Man ventured up to Canada to see him last week. While there they wrote me a short note giving me the following e-mail address for Steve:

In case you canít add this directly to your e-mail address book, there is an underscore between Steveís first and last name.

By the way, Steve just retired from teaching History at a secondary school in Ottawa, Canada. Heís been a teacher for 30 years Ö 29 at the same school! I barely stayed at a TV station for 29 months before moving on! Steve and his wife, Wendy, have two children, Scott 23 who has just graduated form Carleton University and Erin, 19, who

will begin attending Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology at the end of August. Welcome aboard, Steve.

And here are two for the class of í65.

Dave Aldridge surfaced through Kathie Faulkner Jones and his e-mail is:

Dave lives in Clearwater, FL., and is a chief information officer and has worked for Banc One, The Home Shopping Network and PHH, which Iím guessing is a hospital group.  Heís considering a couple of offers from Union Planters Bank in Memphis or Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia so there may be a move for him in the near future.

Dave flew jets for the Marine Corp. after graduating from the University of Maryland and married his wife of 30 years while stationed in Pensacola. He earned an MBA in finance in 1986 and has three children. Heather, his oldest is a producer for the Oprah show, David, Jr. just graduated with a degree in education, and Brad is a sophomore at St. Petersburg College. Welcome back in the Bobcat fold, Dave.

And now for the best story of all, how Kathie Faulkner Jones found Craig Lawrence.

Seems Kathie went to visit a house her friend, Alva, was considering to buy. When they went down the hallway in the house Kathie looked at a family photo on the wall and, you got it, it was a photo of Craig! She asked the woman who was the person in the photo and the woman replied, my son. Kathie said Craig Lawrence and the woman was in shock. Needless to say, Kathie and Craigís mother spent the rest of the visit talking about Central and England.

Now hereís Craigís e-mail address, and heís on this mailing, but still owes me some info for the next update. I told him I would wait to break the news to everyone once I had a bio on him but I couldnít wait. There will be more to come about Craig since rumor has it he really used brainpower, rather than football prowess to get where he is today. Now hereís his e-mail address:

Visiting Maryland?

Had a note from Eric Hanford that he and his wife, Suzanne, are putting the finishing touches on a townhouse in Ocean City, MD, and has extended an offer for anyone visiting the area is welcome to stop by when they are there. PAAARRRTTTYYY!!!!

Drop Eric a line if you have the chance to visit:  by the way, Eric is a cigar smoker and Iím sure he would appreciate a stogie or two if you were in the area.

Suzie Sunning In San Felipe.

Had a note from Sue Root Campbell she was hitting the road to San Felipe, Mexico, for a vacation. She wrote the water is just like being in a bathtub and the town is very safe, friendly and has the best fish tacos in the world. Also said she was going to spend her days lazing in a hammock, reading, sipping Margaritas, riding her ATV on the dunes, boating, exploring etc. etc. She promises to send photos via her website when she can so we can all share some of her thrills soon.

Thanks, Tom Rethard!

Remember the e-mails I sent out where some of you couldnít read them because of the hieroglyphics? Tom Rethard í65 sent me the solution that translates e-mails into .pdf files. Donít ask me what .pdf stands for; "pretty damn fine" like my updates I suppose.  Anyway if you are reading this than I know all is well which means we will be able to send photos back and forth via the internet. I promise I wonít send too many of my granddaughter who turned one in July while her granddad turned 56! Yes, I was held back one year at Bushy Park for not having enough American History and Mathematics coming out English school. One a separate note to Tomís wife, Ann Gray, sorry I missed your birthday on July 24.

Good News About Gail.

Had an update from Sally Anderson Sansbury about her sister, Gail Anderson Childress, who is battling cancer.

Gail is much improved and has "much more strength, energy and determination she had in the past." The swelling in her legs has gone down and she is able to walk again. In addition, she can now be left on her own for a few hours a day so Sally and Gailís daughter can get some much needed rest. Drop Gail a good wishes note at:

E-mail Change.

Had a note from Patty Jones Murphy now has direct internet access and has discontinued her aol account. You can now reach her via e-mail at:

Helping A Friend.

There is an organization that has been working on passing legislation that would re-rate drug offenders in terms of violence or lack there of. Since Mike Scanlan never used any violence in his operations, if the proposed legislation were to pass he would drop from a level 32 offenders to a level 26, which means he would be released now. I know this may bother a few people, but like the headline said, I am helping my friend. Check out this website for more details:

Send Me Some Information!


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